Turtle Nesting Tour at Night

Price per person: $115



Duration: Depends of tide. Only between Nov –Jan.  

Description: After we registered at the park ranger station waiting for a while may be needed, due to the local tour guides at the field will try to spot the turtles that are starting to come out of the ocean at the evening. As soon as one of the turtles is ready to begin the egg laying process we will start walking the beach to get to the nesting place where we will experience one of the most incredible phenomenon of mother’s nature, when these enormous (5 ft.) turtles begins to dig a hole in the sand to lay between 65 to 90 eggs into it, then she will start to cover the nest to protect them from predation; 60 days after, live will emerge to become a new hope for the pacific green turtle to survive.

For reservation minimum two days before, passport number required for it.

No cameras allowed.

What to bring: Hiking shoes or sandals, passport, warm and dark clothing.

Includes: Water bottle, guide, transportation, entrance fees to the park.

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