Nature Walk at Ecological Park & Butterfly Garden Danaus

Price per person: $60



This small ecological reserve, which regenerated naturally, thanks to the efforts of a group of people concerned about conservation of our environment and education of the children and adults of the area is a wonderful project which cooperated with the sustainable touristic development of the town of La Fortuna.

The tour includes a circuit trail which is apt for all types of people, through the regenerating secondary rainforest. Here we will find a Botanical Garden with more than 600 species of plants, a butterfly garden with more than 40 species, areas destined to natural frog reproduction, areas dedicated to the exhibition of medicinal plants, a wetland which has been declared of national importance for bird nesting and observation, and the Maleku House, representative of an indigenous tribe from the Northern Region, which allows us to learn a little about the indigenous culture of Costa Rica.

In addition to these highlights, the entire trail offers excellent opportunities to view of the regenerating wildlife; frogs, serpents, turtles, caimans, monkeys, sloth, reptiles, agoutis, and birds are usually seen around the area. At the end of our tour we will have a short visit to the Ecocenter’s souvenir shop and enjoy a delicious snack of fresh fruit.

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