Kekoldi Indigenous Reservation – Half Day

Price per person: $45



Our local guide will wait for you at the entrance of the trail where he will start explain about the Kèköldi indigenous territories and then continue with the tour through a secondary tropical forests, where you have the opportunity to observe different species of flora, mainly palm trees, cocoa trees and fast growing species such as jabillo and Jobo. In a slow climb up the mountain the landscape will start to change to a Primary forest. You will observe many different species of trees such as the Pilon, mountain almond and Ceiba. You can also see a variety of animals like howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, leaf-cutting ants, sloths and different types of birds.

The guide will take you to the highest point, about 222 meters above sea level, where a tower was built especially for observing migrating raptors observed only twice a year. From September to December and February to May.

From this vantage point, you can also appreciate the wonderful scenery of the Talamanca Mountains, Panamá and the coastal area with a beautiful view of Puerto Viejo & Cahuita National Park.

After a short break we then walk towards the exit from the reserve to the main road again.

Departures: 7:30 AM daily

Duration: Half Day (5 hrs)

Includes: Transportation & bilingual guide

What to bring: Rubber shoes with traction, long pants, insect repellent, small bottle of water, camera and binoculars.

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