El Trapiche Tour

Price per person: $33



El Trapiche tour, is owned by a costarican family, which offers a guided tour of about 2 hours. It begins with a tour around the farm which may have an opportunity to observe the different plantations located therein, besides crossing a small patch of forest where occasionally wildlife can be found.

During the tour of the farm there is a small tilapia pond, plantations of bananas, plantains, “arracache”, macadamia, oranges, sugar cane and coffee.

In the span of the walk around the farm, we explain the process involved in sugarcane cultivation, natural history and also the opportunity to taste the sugar cane and its derivatives.

When finished this interval will display the coffee process, which starts showing from planting and continues with the process of crushing, peeling and roasting by our machinery.

To finish the tour of the plantation, you’re invited to make a short trip in an oxen cart (not obligatory), it starts from sugar cane plantation and finishes at the building where the cocoa process is shown.

Back to your hotel to get some rest to continue with this unique adventure.

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