Barrahonda Caves & Hike

Price per person: $169



Hiking through the Barra Honda National Park lead us to an intricately large system of limestone caverns which house a multitude of capricious forms and figures. Reef rocks constitute Barra Honda hill, of 300mts tall, which means, by old reefs that sink caused by an elevation provoked by tectonics faults 60 millions of years ago. We will be gear up with special rock climbing equipment to explore and enjoy these caves and see the flora and fauna of this place, you can see coatis, agoutis, anteaters and monkeys also point out species of tree and medical plants. These Hike takes around one hour approx. and may be difficult depending on your physical condition.

Duration: 3/4 day Effort: Moderate-Difficult. Minimum Pax: 2 pax. What to bring: hiking or running shoes, binoculars, camera, and sun hat. Includes: Lunch, Entrance Fee, Transportation, Bottle Water. Note: Note reoommended for small children, only customers in good shape.

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