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Costa Rican Treasures is a 100% Costa Rican company dedicated to the promotion of customized vacation itineraries in Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro Island and Granada, Nicaragua. Our commitment is to offer a highly personalized service which exceeds our clients’ expectations. In order to this, we work carefully with every detail and specific need of each client to make sure their stay in Costa Rica will be an unforgettable, problem-free vacation. We find it useful to offer our clients the opportunity to share their vacation experience with our people and our traditions, while enjoying a great variety of nature and adventure activities.

Because we are a small company, we can offer our clients a professional team which is deeply committed to our company´s philosophy. We work as a unit to offer a “one-of-a-kind” service characterized by the kindness and friendly spirit of the Costa Rican people. No surprise, Costa Rica was selected for the second consecutive year as the “World´s Happiest Country.”

We have an excellent co-op agreement with many small tourist enterprises around the country and because we can help them promote their properties and improve their community´s economy, they go out of their way to accommodate our clients’ special travel needs.

Our slogan: “Your friend in Costa Rica” and our commitment to our mission as a tour guide service, has provided for us an enviable reputation as demonstrated by our “Quality in Service Award” (Century International Quality Era Award) received in 2007 in Geneva, Switzerland.

We are continuously working to seek out new ways to improve our services by participating in different seminars offered by tourist organizations and travelling around the country to visit the newest hotels and attractions to check them out before we offer them to our valued clients.

We are very proud to say that we have been honored with the quality stamp of “Service Best” which was awarded us by one of Costa Rica´s most important tourism organization, CANATUR.

Mission Statement

To become the first travel option for trips 100% tailored-made, thanks to our 24/7 service philosophy , immediate response to requests and innovation, transmitting our clients, the kindness and warmness which characterize the “Ticos”.

Meet the Owner

Costa Rican Treasures was a dream come true for Sonia Rojas, owner and founder.

After more than 10 years of experience in the industry, our desire was to offer a different perspective; providing personalized and professional service, while being a friend in a country widely known for its friendly and peaceful people.

Sonia realized that she could offer her clients new alternatives which would better meet their expectations with her highly personalized service.

Today, her many satisfied clients will vouch for her honesty, dedication and capabilities. Sonia lives and breathes her business. She loves tourism personally, and frequently takes the very trips and vacations she recommends to her clients. Accordingly, she stays in touch with changes and innovating upgrades for her packages. She loves Costa Rica. It is more than a business that motivates her.

She is proud to be a “Tica,” to live in such a beautiful and friendly country and meet all of her clients all of whom she treats as guests.

“Simpatica” in nature, Sonia loves nature and is inclined to be very good as a vacation counselor for the novice, as well as the experienced traveler.

Our Commitment with the Climate Change

Being aware of the negative effects of the global climate change, our company supports the initiatives of other companies which implement C Neutral programs. At the same time, we promote the participation of our clients in the Program “Aliados con el Cambio Climatico” (www.programaacc.com) supported by organizations such as Fundacion Corcovado, Universidad Nacional, Instituto Çostaricense de Electricidad and ControlUnion Certifications.

Our company has a strong commitment to the environment and especially to the national parks with regard to their sustainability. We have recently become a Tropical Forest Partner, a program created by Pro-Parques, Fundecor and Sinac through our commitment and sponsorship of these parks.

Why Book with Us?

We offer highly personalized service in every custom-designed package to make your vacation a “one-of a kind.” Our commitment is providing you our knowledge, and experience to ensure you an unforgettable, stress-free vacation with an abundance of wonderful memories. Our thoughtful team gives great attention to every detail, in order to meet the most demanding expectations.

We specialize in designing 100% custom vacation-packages, totally considering the client´s expectations and budget. We are proud to be characterized as a professional, reliable company with a highly personalized service.

Our Services include

  • Expert consultation on vacation itineraries according to your budget and expectations
  • General information and personalized recommendations to each of your inquiries
  • Competitive prices
  • Hotel Reservation, car rental or private transportation arrangement
  • Airport pick up service
  • 24 hour on call assistance during your stay in Costa Rica
  • Our services will not represent an extra cost for you as we work on a commission basis which is already included at the supplier`s prices. On the contrary, you may be benefit with special discounts .

So, prepare to enjoy a memorable vacation in Costa Rica, the happiest country of the world with an amazing nature and friendly people waiting to offer a “Pura Vida” Welcome!!

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